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December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

It has come to my attention that there is a lot of confusion surrounding EvolveOS right now. I noticed this today after reading a post on Reddit.

It should be made perfectly clear, that both EvolveOS and the Budgie Desktop exist solely for experimentation, with the purpose of discovering/developing new techniques and ideas with the aim of upstream integration in larger projects, such as openSUSE, GNOME, etc.

Call it an oven if you will, where new ideas can be baked to be shared with other projects. A side effect of EvolveOS’s existence will be a usable distro, as a demonstration of what can be done. It is not a fork nor is it attempting to diverge any course.

The current look and feel of the Budgie desktop is incredibly simple, though not quite Windows 95 .. 🙂 Developers tend to concentrate on internals before aesthetics, and I’m currently working on the infrastructure of the panel, as well as libpeas based plugins. Once that’s done, we can look at making it more aesthetically pleasing, and start to experiment with new ideas and concepts.

For further clarification, please read the About page, where this is already explained.

Happy holidays to all!


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