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Budgie Desktop "Fixup" Progress

February 9, 2014 in News

Hello all,

Just a quick status update on the fixes to Budgie Desktop. Currently I’m rewriting parts of the panel component, including the icon-based tasklist. Points of interest:

  • GNOME Theme compatibility has been dropped. Too problematic to support a legacy theme and maintain consistency
  • The panel is now transparent as seen in the screenshots, currently not themable
  • The icon tasklist is around 40% complete, however you can’t currently use it to switch tasks, this will be implemented in future commits
  • The requirement for libpeas has been dropped. Supporting 3rd party plugins is currently out of scope
  • The menu will be reimplemented to not leak, and to use a popover style window. As 3.12 isn’t stable or released yet, an interim BudgiePopover class will be used.

And some screenshots of current progress:

2014/02/ Screenshot From 2014 02 08 150632 2014/02/ Screenshot From 2014 02 09 153742

That’s all for now, as and when the desktop is fully usable again I’ll post an update!


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