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Security Status of Validation ISO, Mini Update

June 7, 2014 in News and Security

Hello all,

Just a quick word on where I’m at right now. A multitude of issues cropped up in PiSi due to the recent changes, and as a result it’s now impossible to update the repository from the Validation ISO. Many apologies for this, but there is not an awful lot I can do apart from issuing a new ISO, but with a new ISO around the corner (Saturday) it makes little sense right now.

This bug is documented in OS-4, and has subsequently been fixed in the repository. Please also note that an update has been pushed for OpenSSL addressing CVE-2014-0918. As the repository cannot be updated within Evolve OS current releases, you should currently consider the existing ISO’s as vulnerable.

We’re currently looking at June 14th for the 0.3.0 release of Evolve OS (or “alpha1”) – which will ship with a desktop, though networking via WiFi will be difficult as the Budgie Desktop currently lacks support for graphical networking agents (nm-applet)

You can follow the progress of bugs here

You can follow git (development) activity here

Today I’m performing the rebuilds due to encountered dependency issues, however that now puts me at a binary package count of 280. Each package is being cleaned up and validated as I go along, ensuring each package builds first time from an entirely fresh build root (using KVM)

I’ve managed to get most of X built locally, but before I release these on Saturday there are some remaining CVE’s to deal with:

If you’re testing the ISO, please report any issues you find on the bug tracker! I’m personally looking forward to releasing a desktop-enabled ISO on the 14th, however if it proves that Budgie desktop will hold back the release, we’ll fall back for one ISO to using something like OpenBox/tint2 – just so we stay on schedule.


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