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Solus Daily ISO: 02/07/2015

July 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

The most recent daily is now available for download. In this snapshot we’ve concentrated on enabling. As such we’re now actively collecting powertop reports and optimising power consumption of Solus systems.

Main changes:

  • Initial VPN support (openconnect) is in the repos
  • We’ve migrated to NetworkManager 1.0.2 to enable usage of a more modern openconnect for Cisco AnyConnect based VPNs
  • More hostname changes were introduced, enforcing the use of /etc/hosts via nsswitch. This is a temporary solution, and will be replaced with a stateless mechanism soon.
  • Last UEFI related issues fixed inside installer
  • Kernel changes: Tracing enabled for powertop, INTEL_IDLE replaced X86_SPEEDSTEP_CENTRINO, BPF enabled, and BGRT for boot time ACPI graphics handovers.
  • “Beta 2” label dropped, now referred to internally as “Betaish” :]

See our first daily ISO announcement for instructions on writing this 64-bit, Hybrid, UEFI-compatible ISO to USB medium. Remember, unetbootin is not supported!

Head over to the download page now to obtain the latest daily ISO


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