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This Week in Solus -- Install #9

November 8, 2015 in News and TWIS

Welcome to This Week in Solus, Installation #9.

Budgie Next

Ikey has posted a “quick and dirty” video of Budgie Next stuff to show people the progress that has been made and how glitch-free it is compared to the “Old Budgie” (the bottom panel in the video).

GNOME Stack 3.18 Updates

We are currently in the process of updating the GNOME Stack to 3.18. A significant portion of the GNOME Stack and applications have been updated at this time and we are currently in the process of validating Budgie integration into the updated stack as well as replacing budgie-session with gnome-session.


Solus has always been about providing an outstanding desktop-oriented experience and enabling individuals to get their work done without an operating system hindering them. We recognize that many individuals in our community prefer the workflow that GNOME Shell provides and we have decided to support GNOME Shell in the future. We are confident that by supporting GNOME Shell in conjunction to Budgie, this will enable the experience of a broad range of individuals to be as rewarding as we find it to be now.

We do not have a time frame for when we will provide GNOME Shell support, as we are currently focused on other post-RC1 items.

Package Updates

As there are currently a large amount of package changes and rebuilds occurring and unstable is currently in flux, I am opting to not provide a Package Updates section this week. It will return next week when hopefully things have settled down more!


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