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This Week in Solus #11

November 22, 2015 in Budgie, News and TWIS

Welcome to This Week in Solus, Installation #11.

Budgie Next

Considerable progress has been around Budgie Next. Lots of work this week was spent with Raven, which now sports the following:

  • MPRIS support for media playback support
  • Volume changing and input/output device switching and toggling.

Budgie Next also now abides by your primary monitor, which should eliminate issues that multi-monitor users can have of Budgie rendering on your non-primary display when you have a secondary monitor plugged in.

Work has also been done to improve multi-panel support and ensuring they render properly with Raven. Below is a video from a few days ago (considerable progress since then).

Upcoming Work

Right now work is being done on Drag-and-Drop support. This work will integrated into Budgie’s panel for applet moving and in the future, widget moving for Raven.

Alongside Drag-and-Drop support, the following will be worked on this week:

  1. Adopting a plugin style for Raven like the Budgie panel has.
  2. Adding more content for Raven, such as a Weather widget that will tie into libgnome-weather.
  3. Porting the remaining applets for Budgie
  4. General polishing (such as animations, bug fixes, testing).

We are also planning on rolling out Budgie Next this week.

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Many of you have been curious when Solus 1.0 will be out. It was announced by Ikey that, assuming Murphy doesn’t interfere again, we will have Solus 1.0 out before Christmas!

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Package Updates

But enough with all the exciting news, lets get do some highlights of package updates!


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