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This Week In Solus -- Install #13

December 6, 2015 in News and TWIS

Welcome to This Week in Solus, Installation #13.

Wait, isn’t this supposed to be an unlucky number?

Daily Images

Let’s kick off TWIS with talk about Daily Images. As you might have known, we released Daily Image 0.201549.3.0last Wednesday, but what you might not have known is we also released 0.2015.49.5.0.

That’s right, two images this week.

Http //I.giphy.com/ X Mvrle T9jks Xm.gif

Here are some of the highlights of the image, which is available for download from the Daily ISO page.

New Hardware

2015/12/2015 12 03

Thanks to the continued support from the Solus community, Community Manager Justin was able to obtain an AMD HD 5450 Silent to enable us to better test AMD proprietary driver support when it lands.

Package Updates

Here is a highlight (seriously, an emphasis on highlight, there was a lot) of package updates that have occurred this week:


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