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This Week in Solus - Install #42

March 19, 2017 in News and TWIS
2017 03 Mate 1.18 in Solus

Welcome to the 42nd installation of This Week in Solus.


Several significant upgrades happened this week (all of which are shipped in the stable repo at the time of publication), starting with Peter spending time upgrading our KDE Frameworks to 5.32.0 and upgrading our Kdenlive to the latest release.

We updated our kernel to the latest longterm release, 4.9.16.

Justin and Ikey landed MATE 1.18 today, which features our upstreamed patch for action icons in mate-notification-daemon (shown below) and the many fantastic improvements from the MATE Desktop Team.

2017 03 Mate 1.18 Action Icons

Learn Solus Packaging

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing livestreams to help people get started with Solus packaging. The benefit of these sessions is that the frequency of them enable the constant improvement and tweaks we do to solbuild and ypkg to be immediately discussed. The format is as follows:

  • One week, a new “session” introduces users to setting up their system for Solus packaging, walks them through a simple example live and high-level talk about the relevant actionable macros, and the process for creating and submitting a patch.
  • The following week is more “advanced” topics, such as going over the majority of our actionable macros, variables, and using additional files or applying patches.

If you haven’t gotten involved in Solus packaging and you’re wondering where you can get started, check out the latest session!

Upcoming This Week

We’ll be doing some crunching this week on items for the upcoming Q1 ISO snapshots. Ikey will be working on:

With the new Solus website designs nearly finalized, I’ll be working on the new site design this coming week. Additionally, I’ll be doing a sweep through our Dev Tracker.

Bryan will be continuing to work on Cuppa, the upcoming upstream tracker, primarily around improving the help system.

Package Highlights

Here we go ladies and gents, the usual highlight of package inclusions and highlights (including the major upgrades I talked about above):




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