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Solus and Hacktoberfest 2023

October 1, 2023

We are happy to announce that Solus is participating in this year’s Hacktoberfest!

We have a couple of intertwined goals with this. First, we want to encourage anyone who wants to get involved with Solus. Second, we hope to potentially get some new software packaged, fix a few bugs and improve our documentation along the way.

Is there software you wish was in the Solus repository and would be willing to maintain? Is there software needing an update, and you’d like to make it happen? Is there a bug you’d like to try to fix? This is your chance to dive in! You’ll be helping improve Solus, while doing work you can add to a resume or CV. You’ll learn stuff and might even have fun in the process.

To get started with packaging work, have a look at our issue tracker and packaging documentation. If you’re interested in improving documentation, we have an issue tracker for that as well. Check out our documentation repository to find out how to contribute.

For either tracker, we’ve labeled some issues as “Good First Issue” which we feel are good for people new to working with Solus. We also have some “Help Wanted” issues. For packages, there is also “Needs Maintainer”. You are not limited to these, we will accept other valuable pull requests.(Note: requests for adding a package to the repo must be labeled “Approved”).

Feel free to reach out on Matrix in the Packaging room if you have any questions about getting started, if you run into stumbling blocks, or have any other questions for us. Also, check out the Official Hacktoberfest Site for resources, details and rewards. We look forward to working with you. Let’s get hacking!