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Changing Background
Solus comes with a selection of backgrounds for you to choose from or you can use your own pictures.
Changing Shell
When using a terminal session to perform command-line activities, a Unix shell is used to interpret commands. The default shell on Solus is Bash, however changing your shell may enable additional features and functionality.
Configuring Brother Scanners
You can connect your Brother scanner via USB or LAN to be able to scan
Configuring Date and Time
With Solus it is easy to change the date and time of your system and how it is displayed.
Configuring Default Applications
Easily change your default web browser, e-mail client, video player, and more.
Configuring Displays
With Solus it is easy to configure your display and set up how multiple displays will work together.
Configuring Keyboard Layout
Conveniently change your keyboard layout settings and switch between multiple layouts with ease.
Configuring Language
The language that Solus uses can be changed with ease to suit your needs.
Configuring Mouse and Touchpad
Change your mouse and touchpad settings to suit your taste.
Configuring Network
Easily connect to WiFi networks and manage your connections with any of the desktop environments supported by Solus.
Configuring Sound and Sound Devices
Effortlessly change volume and access settings to configure sound devices, effects and your input / output devices.
Enabling Desktop Icons
You can enable or disable desktop icons easily depending on your personal preference.
Enabling Workspaces
Each of the supported desktop environments in Solus provide support for workspaces, enabling you to group various application windows into their own dedicated space and switch between them.
Managing Users
Adding and removing users is a simple process in Solus with this guide showing you how to do it.