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Community Guidelines

The Solus Project enforces a set of community guidelines to maintain a family-friendly, respectful, and professional environment.

Our guidelines apply to all services offered or used by the project, in addition to any terms of service of third-party services used by the project. The Solus Team reserves the right to either ban or terminate access, on a temporary or permanent basis, to members of the community which are found to be violating our guidelines.

General Guidelines

The guidelines laid out in this section apply to all services offered or used by the project, such as (but not limited to):

  • Our Development Tracker
  • Any and all forums or organized communities, e.g. our Forums, Google+ Community or sub-reddit
  • IRC or any other officially supported means of communicating with the project and community members in real-time
  • Postings to social media pages / properties owned or used by the project.


The project condemns any and all forms of harassment. Harassment by individuals in our community, whether in public (on services provided by or used by the project) or private (e.g. direct messages), to other members in our community, will result in the temporary or permanent banning of such individuals across any and all services provided by or used by the project.

This extends to any and all events / venues sponsored or otherwise supported by the project. Harassment in such events or venues will result in the permanent banning of such individuals from future events and if necessary, the immediate removal of such individuals from any current events / venues.

You are encouraged to reach out to a member of the Solus team should you be harassed by any member of our community so such matters may be addressed immediately.


Members of the community are expected to engage in a manner which is respectful and avoids the use of language which is hateful, derogatory, or otherwise intentionally degrading. This includes (but is not limited to) language which could be classified as:

  • Hateful towards individuals or groups based on:
    • Disabilities
    • Gender or gender identity
    • Religious beliefs
    • Sexual orientation
    • Race or nationality
    • Political affiliation
  • Sexual or otherwise lewd in nature

Profane language which is not derogatory, hateful, or sexual in nature may be allowed in specific off-topic channels or other locations permitted by the project. However, Core Team reserves the right to request the immediate ceasing of the use of such language by any individual if it is deemed to be derogatory, hateful, sexual, or in a manner which is otherwise distasteful.

Media Sharing

Members of the community shall not link / share media which is illegal, pornographic / sexual, or otherwise offensive in nature. This extends to sharing media which shows any illegal or otherwise harmful acts, such as acts of violence.

Observe Topic Guidance

Members of the community should attempt to observe topic guidance when participating in various services offered or used by the project, such as:

  • Ensuring support-related channels / mediums remain free of development and off-topic discussions to maximize the community and team’s ability to respond and address issues or support requests.
  • Ensuring development channels / mediums remain free of off-topic discussions which are not relevant to the development or progression of various development items relating to Solus.
  • Ensuring off-topic channels / mediums remain free of heated discussions of polarizing issues or current events in order to keep these spaces inviting and enjoyable.


The below guidelines do not fall into any specific category but should be observed by members of the community:

  • The continual repetition and/or advertisement of any products, services, or projects is not permitted.
  • The usage of bots unless explicitly permitted by the project is strictly forbidden.
  • No spamming or flooding. This may result in temporary removals (e.g. kicks in IRC) to prevent the continued spamming or flooding.

Service-Specific Guidelines

The below mentioned guidelines apply to individual services provided or used by the project.

Development / Issue Trackers

Solus utilizes a multitude of development and issue trackers to facilitate the development of various items in our project and to address issues raised by our community through tasks / issue reports. These development trackers include, but are not limited to:

  • Our self-hosted development tracker (Phabricator) at https://dev.getsol.us
  • All issue trackers utilized by the project across repositories hosted in our GitHub organizations

Members of the community are expected to:

  • Maintain on-topic discussions as relevant to each individual task
  • Not engage in disruptive behavior such as the modification of tasks or task information which are not owned or assigned to the user. Please leave the general maintenance of tasks or requesting of specific information to individuals which are assigned to the task, or members of the Triage Team, Global Maintainers, or Core Team.
  • Refrain from using the Development Tracker for general support queries, such as (but not limited to): installation assistance, package installation assistance, etc.

Members of the community should remain mindful that all contributors to the project do so on a voluntary basis, in their free time, and should refrain from making demands or engaging in behavior which is not respectful.

The Solus team reserves the rights to:

  • Close or lock tasks on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Disable the account of individuals which violate either general guidelines or “Development / Issue Trackers”-specific guidelines.
  • Make any finalized decisions in the interest of the project, continuation of our vision / objectives for the project or various software which we development or support.
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