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Community Guidelines

The Solus Project enforces a set of community guidelines to maintain respect and professionalism, as well as a family-friendly environment.

Forums/IRC/General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to the community as a whole and extends to venues such as forums, IRC, and social media.

  • No spamming or flooding.
  • Observe topic guidance (off-topic channels/sub-forums where and when appropriate).
  • The linking of illegal, pornographic, and/or offensive media is not permitted.
  • No personal/direct attacks - keep it family friendly and respectful. Support needs to be open to all.
  • No advertising - this includes the continual repetition of other FOSS projects too whilst on our support mediums (including G+ community) - it is harmful to the project and never conducive to support.
  • The usage of bots unless explicitly permitted by the Solus Project is strictly forbidden.

Team Guidelines

The team will strive to provide a friendly and open atmosphere, to enable community support. If community members are found to be violating the guidelines, Solus team members reserve the right to either ban or terminate access to services. In all situations but the most extreme, prior warning will be given to the individual concerned, as an opportunity to correct their behaviour.