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Getting Involved

Solus is a big undertaking, and as such there are many ways in which your involvement can help us. Naturally, that means there are also many ways in which you can help out.

Engaging with the Community

Community Guidelines

The Solus Project enforces a set of community guidelines to maintain respect and professionalism, as well as a family-friendly environment. Please view our community guidelines here.

Community Forums

With so many new users joining, there are always more people needing help. A great way to help us out, would be to help out our users on the Solus Project Forums.


Internet Relay Chat is a great way to discuss issues and development with the community, and project developers. It’s also a great place for getting support, but remember due to timezone differences there might not always be people present to answer your query immediately. You can access IRC using free clients like Hexchat (preinstalled on Solus) and Quassel! Note that web IRC clients are not permitted..

You will find the following Solus channels on the Libera Chat IRC network:

Social Media

Alongside the forums, you can communicate with developers or others in the community by using one of the following websites:


Solus is funded through our Open Collective, with our fiscal host being the non-profit 501(c)3 organization Open Source Collective. This funding enables / will enable us to:

  1. Offset virtual and physical infrastructure / hardware, ranging from datacenter co-location to providing repository mirrors and hardware upgrades for faster builds.
  2. Enable part-time and eventually full-time development by one or more developers (e.g. myself and Beatrice).
  3. Subsidize or pay in full necessary hardware for the Solus team and active contributors.
  4. Provide opportunities to finance specific approved works, such as various features, fixes, or rewrites that the Team would want to be done in a timely manner, by individuals in the our community that are well-known for high-quality contributions. These opportunities would be provided on a case-by-case basis with direct communication and engagement between all the Team and individual.

Improving Documentation

Our Help Center improves when the documentation improves. If there are articles that you think would be valuable to add, get involved by submitting pull requests to our Help Center Docs repo!


There may be software you wish to have on your system that is currently not available in the repository. While you are more than welcome to submit a bug and wait for someone else to package the software you want, you can also improve and contribute to the community by packaging software. If you’re interested in learning to package software, feel free to visit our documentation here.

Report Bugs

We’re always looking to improve our systems, especially when they’re not functioning as expected. By reporting bugs, you improve the system not only for you, but for all Solus Project users.

  • Budgie Desktop Solus Budgie Desktop issues are filed in the solus-project repo on github.

  • Developer Portal Most bug reports about Solus itself, and its packages, should be filed here.

  • Solus Github Repos Certain parts of Solus, such as the Software Center, have repos on the getsolus repo on github. Check here to see if the system in question is listed. If so, file the bug in the appropriate repo.


Assistance is always welcome in translating our projects to other languages!

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