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Moving to GetSolus

This document walks the end user through moving their developer related tooling and repositories over to GetSolus (dev.getsol.us).


This migration requires setting up Arcanist again. You can do this by running the following commands.

Firstly, you will need to set the new arc default to the GetSolus URL.

arc set-config default https://dev.getsol.us

Next, you will need to install the certificate. This will also prompt you to make a new conduit key and add it. This is done by:

arc install-certificate

Solbuild Images

We have issued a new solbuild release (1.4.3) as well as new solbuild images which set a new images URI to a getsol.us address. While performing a normal solbuild up will provide the necessary upgrade to the pisi package in the image to point to our new repositories, the new solbuild images have a modified set of packages, with a multitude of packages being demoted from system.base and system.devel components since our last update to the images. These packages would not otherwise be removed and therefore builds against an image locally may not be reflective of the set of packages that are defined on the builder’s solbuild.

To perform this upgrade, first ensure you have performed the latest updates to your system and have package release 24 of solbuild. This has a new image clearing flag that we’ll be utilizing in the instructions below.

Regardless of whether we’re using the main image (uses the shannon repo and generally not recommended for most package builds) or unstable, you first need to clear your caches, including images (using our new --images / -i flag on delete-cache / dc).

sudo solbuild dc -ai

Finally we must re-initialize our solbuild images:

  • For main profile (not recommended, uses shannon repo rather than unstable) run: sudo solbuild init -p main-x86_64
  • For unstable profile (recommended, uses unstable repo to ensure latest changes to packages are applied) run: sudo solbuild init -p unstable-x86_64

Updating Repo URIs

As a result of us changing from dev.solus-project.com to dev.getsol.us, as well as changes to our SSH pushurls, you will need to ensure that all of your repositories are pointed to the new URLs to perform clones, pushing, etc.

We have written a script that should update most, if not all, of your cloned repositories to point to the new URLs. To run this script, you need to ensure you are using the common repository from dev.getsol.us. You can ensure this is the case by running the following commands in the parent directory of the common folder, where all your other repositories (like nano) should be:

rm -rf common
git clone http://dev.getsol.us/source/common.git

Next, run the following command in the same directory as the one listed above:


This command will go through every directory and change the following URLs in the respective .git/config files:

  • http://dev.solus-project.com/ will change to https://dev.getsol.us/ (Notice it forces https)
  • https://dev.solus-project.com/ will change to https://dev.getsol.us/
  • ssh://vcs@dev.solus-project.com/ will change to ssh://vcs@dev.getsol.us:2222/

This command will also output a report at the end, indicating any directories which it failed to modify. If you have directories containing packages which you have not submitted to our development tracker, such as work-in-progress items, these may appear on this list.

Note: In the event the above utility does not work as intended on your system, you may need to remove and reclone your repositories.

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