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Text you can't copy in applications (for example Audacious)

Thu May 24, 2018 9:09 am

I want to use Audacious in Solus (MATE) and i want to setup Scrobbler plugin. The problem is that it gives me a very long link for me to open in the browser with no way to copy it - it's not an active link, and i can't even select and mark it with the mouse (i blurred it myself in the screenshot so don't worry about that). The only way is to type the link, full of random letters and numbers, in the browser, and you have to do it pretty quickly, because otherwise it expires, so it's a huge pain.
I don't remember the exact case, but there was another application that presented a help link with no way to select or copy it.
How to fix this problem? Why i can't interact with the text inside the pop-up?
Screenshot at 2018-05-24 10-50-53_new.png
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Re: Text you can't copy in applications (for example Audacious)

Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:38 pm

I've seen this problem with audacious in certain distros. Afaik it's an issue when audacious is built with the GTK3 interface.

The workaround is to launch audacious from a terminal (e.g. open mate-terminal and type audacious and hit enter).

then, go to services | plugins | scrobbler | settings and hit check

Now, if you go to your terminal window, you'll see the link is showing in the terminal output, and is clickable. So you should be able to just click it and it will open in the browser

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