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Weird hdmi sound reset bug

Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:50 am


Love Solus but been dealing with a minor bug that drives me nuts.

I have solus connected to a Receiver via hdmi for sound and video out which then goes to tv.

I use Solus to play movies via kodi.

Everyday I turn off my receiver before going to sleep but leave Solus up. When I go to watch something the next day, the sound is gone. Video is there. The sound somehow goes to default analog out. I have to manually go in the sound settings and select hdmi2 as the output for the sound and then it works again. I have to do that every day. Turning off the receiver causes it. And yes I don’t want the receiver to be on all the time. Why can Solus settings stick to hdmi2 and not change? Is there a way to permanently set the sound to hdmi2?


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