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Soundblaster Z sound is possible BUT.... [solved]

Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:46 am

Got that card? Got no more hair left? no sound? here is what to do.

No tinkering and it is not a perfect solution. Open up terminal, type in Alsamixer... F6 select your card and ensure HP speaker is enabled. On my keyboard, I press m to enable. Ensure your card is connected to the front headers. That's right you will be using FRONT HEADSET port.
power up without anything plugged in headphone port. Select headset profile in sound settings and in raven ( I am using budgie) and it should work. (plug in at this point) I have a small powered speaker connected to the front headphone port. Any issues go back into alsamixer and ensure hp speaker is switched on. Obviously, the ports are screwed up... a GREAT PITY

I haven't tested microphone.

Damn you creative! I hear the xfi gamer works properly out of the box. I may trawl eBay for a cheap one.

Good luck.

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