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Adding a greeter to your terminal (gnome)

Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:06 pm

Hi everyone,

- first of all I like to add super + T as a shortcut to open terminal. You can do this by going to keyboard settings => scroll down => add shortcut => input command 'gnome-terminal' (in my case) and add keyboard shortcut.

- next, install neofetch and nano text editor, this will give you a nice overview of your system:

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sudo eopkg it neofetch nano
- then, add command lines to your ~\.bashrc file;

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nano .bashrc
- add command you like to have when you start your terminal. Personally, like to have a calendar, the date, and neofetch all displayed but some might think this is too much so just delete some of the commands. For me the last lines in .bashrc is:

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printf '\n'
printf '\n'
printf '\n'
- lastly, close and save the nano editor by control + X shortcut and confirm by pressing Y

EDIT: you can change the default terminal size in 'edit => profile preferences => initial terminal size'

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