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Lock screen function not working [solved]

Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:52 pm

After updating last week I noticed that I was unable to lock the screen either with "Superkey + L" or clicking power + lock from the panel. I created another user on my system and it worked for that new user. I isolated the problem down to the "/home/USERNAME/.config/dconf/user" file. Something was apparently corrupt in that user preferences file. This was confirmed by going to Privacy Settings and selecting Screen Lock and finding all settings greyed out and unavailable to be changed.

The workaround that I applied was

1. Create a new working user (if one doesn't already exist) to create a working /dconf/user file
2. Noting current Budgie Desktop settings
3. Backing up the existing file i.e. sudo cp -rf /home/USERNAME/.config/dconf/user /home/USERNAME/.config/dconf/userbackup
4. Copy the working /dconf/user file over the failing one i.e. sudo cp -rf /home/GOODUSER/.config/dconf/user /home/BADUSER/.config/dconf/
5. Logout then login which will restore a default Budgie desktop with working Lock function
5. Opening Budgie Desktop settings and returning all settings to your preferences

I hope this helps if another noob like me has a similar issue

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Re: Lock screen function not working [solved]

Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:19 am

I have had this same issue for the past couple weeks. I am not sure what caused it. But this solution fixed the issue for me also and I can now lock my PC.

The only thing different is when I would try to copy the new user file over the existing user file and logout and back in again, I still had same issue. The way I got passed this was to copy the new user file over my existing file, then hard shut off PC by the power button and then turn it back on. I am thinking maybe when I was logging off it through Solus it was maybe saving my existing file to that place again, not 100% sure though.

Either way, great post, this helped me so much.

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