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How to activate your Backlit Keyboard

Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:07 pm

My PC backlit keyboard wasn't recognized when I installed this great OS. This might happen to you as well !

The simple solution I've set up is really easy and fast too.

Go to Budgie Desktop Settings
- Autostart (Session section)
- Inside the Autostart apps section, click on the green icon with a +
- Select Add command
Title : backlitkeyboard
Description :
Command : xset led on
- Click on Add

The only problem is that in the login screen (at first boot only) the keyboard isn't lit because the system only initiate the command line once solus 3 is loaded up.

The devs should maybe add an option? For new users simplicity of use.
(I understand the OS can't detect all the keyboards drivers.)

Hope this help, there were nothing for it the Search Engines.


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