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Installing Unity on Solus

Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:44 pm

I have fought so much with this that, now that I could make it run, I want to share it for anyone who also had a problem.

This guide is intented using Unity 5.6.3f1 It should work with other versions, but I only tested it with that exact version.

This was done in a clean boot of Solus.

First step, download Unity for Linux.

Be sure to download the SH file, not the deb

Install the following libraries:

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sudo eopkg it libglu libglu-32bit libpqxx gconf gconf-32bit gtk2-engine-murrine gtk2-engine-murrine-32bit gnome-sharp gtk-sharp libgcc-32bit libgnomeui libice libice-32bit libsm-32bit libstdc++ libstdc++-32bit libxcb libxcb-32bit nodejs libpqxx-devel libpng12 libpng12-32bit

Once the file is downloaded and you have the libraries installed, follow this steps:

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cd folder-where-unity-was-downloaded
# if /opt/ folder does not exist we create it
sudo mkdir /opt
# we copy unity to the opt folder
sudo mv unity-editor-5.6.3xf1Linux/ /opt/Unity
# we travel to the applications folder and create the desktop entry
cd /usr/share/applications/
sudo ln -s /opt/Unity/unity-editor.desktop unity-editor.desktop
Done, now it should appear on your search bar when you write "Unity".

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Re: Installing Unity on Solus

Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:00 am

Thanks for your tutorial. But the new versions does not support 32bit.

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