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Help installing software which I downloaded

Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:36 pm

I am also having an issue installing this program here is the INSTALL doc

This document describes how you can compile Wii Backup Fusion

What you need

Make sure you get the following stuff:

* Qt library (4.7.x highly recommended)

It is important that you compile AND INSTALL the above packages!

Further you will need GNU make and a working C++ compiler (e.g. gcc 3.4.x or later).


Before you start you must decide two things:

1) Where do you want to have Qt installed? Qt is a bit lame in that it
basically installs itself in its own source-tree, but symlinks are your friend.
E.g you could link /opt/qt to where you keep your Qt source. Qt libs
then end up in /opt/qt/lib.

Make sure you do (if using sh, ksh, or bash):

export QTDIR=/opt/qt

With csh or tcsh the following is more appropriate:

setenv QTDIR /opt/qt

Now you want to make sure that Qt libraries are picked up correctly.

On systems that respond to environment variables something similar to the
following is appropriate:


On systems whose diety of choice is ldconfig, try:

ldconfig -m $QTDIR/lib

You probably also want to add $KDEDIR/bin to your path.

For configuring Qt, the magic sequence is:

./configure -prefix /opt/qt
make install (as root)

Compiling Wii Backup Fusion

cd WiiBaFu
make install (as root)

For Mac OS X you need the Xcode IDE from the Apple Developer Connection site:
The Xcode package from ADC also contains the SDKs, headers, tools and so on, all what you need!
Before you can download Xcode you need to register on the ADC site! The account for Xcode tools
download only is free!

For Windows you need the MinGW compiler tools:

Common problems

One of the biggest problems is picking up the correct version of Qt, especially
if your system has more version of Qt installed. So it can be that after some
struggle to get QTDIR setup correctly your setup is actually correct,
but old -incorrect- settings are still lying around.

Check LD_LIBRARY_PATH points first to $QTDIR/lib
Check it with ldd WiiBaFu


See for help and solutions.

If you encounter missing include files, especially if the files start with a
'q', you probably have not setup your QTDIR correct or have the wrong version
of Qt.

If you still have problems look at the WiiBaFu website or send me an email:

Path to WIT and titles

WiiBaFu comes with wit. If you delete it in the WiiBaFu package, because you have it already installed,
you need to add the WIT path to the 'PATH' environment variable! WIT titles (titles.txt, titles-de.txt, ...)
are in the same directory. They are differences between the platforms! WiiBaFu searches in the following paths:

- WIT: <PathToWiiBaFu>/wit, in the PATH environment variable
- Titles: <PathToWiiBaFu>/wit, in the PATH environment variable, /usr/local/share/wit

- WIT: <PathToWiiBaFu>/wit, in the PATH environment variable
- Titles: <PathToWiiBaFu>/wit, in the PATH environment variable

Mac OS X:
- WIT: <PathToWiiBaFu>/, in the PATH environment variable
- Titles: <PathToWiiBaFu>/ in the PATH environment variable, in the WIT-TITLES
environment variable, /usr/local/share/wit

On Mac OS X you can use 'environment.plist' to set WIT-TITLES environment variable for all GUI applications.
Copy it to ~/.MacOSX

Have fun!

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