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[Onboard] Panel icon not working properly (?)

Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:13 pm

I have one of those 2in1 laptops for which I enables Onboard so I can type whenever I need to.
The problem is when I click/touch the panel icon for Onboard only the dropdown menu appears when the keyboard itself should appear (the menu would come on right-click).

Is this a bug on the Budgie panel? Is this normal behavior and I was using a different Onboard version on other systems (because it used to work as I described on other systems)? Is this a configuration that I'm yet to see in the options?

I think I've really tried everything by now and Solus does not seem to detect if I'm on table mode or not so that auto-detection is out of the picture.



Meanwhile, I've tried Mate and the icon works as expected. Only Budgie is screwing it up.

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