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Is there a way to get x11-xorg-fonts-misc in the repo?

Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:36 pm

in lue of putting x11-xorg-fonts-misc in the repo at this moment, what is a good way to install it, as it is not one package, but many little different fonts stored separately on xorg from what I have found. As i am needing this to make a dockapp work in my Windowmanager. when checking Solus repo I have not seen anything close to this, x11-xorg-fonts-misc under fonts search. Nor have I found anything on the net that comes close to a source file to use.

this is the only thing I can find bringing me close to resolving my issue, but I have no idea which misc font to use, and do not want to play keep installing them until one works.

this is the reference to the fix I am speaking of. ... not-exist/

seeings how it might fall under something you're needing to add to the build to included in an install , the misc fonts, or put into your repo so it can be added to the system if needed, I hope this is the proper place to put this post.

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