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Packaging [pyinotify]

Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:49 am

Package Name: pyinotify
Package Homepage:
Description: Pyinotify is a Python module for monitoring filesystems changes.
Version: 0.9.5
Last update: 1/29/14 Working


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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
            <Name>Devon Bundy</Name>
        <Summary>Pyinotify is a Python module for monitoring filesystems changes.</Summary>
        <Description>Pyinotify relies on a Linux Kernel feature (merged in kernel 2.6.13) called inotify. inotify is an event-driven notifier, its notifications are exported from kernel space to user space through three system calls. pyinotify binds these system calls and provides an implementation on top of them offering a generic and abstract way to manipulate those functionalities.</Description>
        <Archive sha1sum="c1c995a6fdd750768eec544021ebfbdf97e55aa8" type="targz"></Archive>

		<Dependency type="pkgconfig">python</Dependency>

            <Path fileType="data">/usr/lib/python2.7</Path>
	    <Path fileType="doc">/usr/share/doc</Path>

        <Update release="1">
            <Comment>Add  to repositories</Comment>
            <Name>Devon Bundy</Name>

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# Created For Evolve OS

from pisi.actionsapi import pythonmodules, pisitools

def build():

def install():


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