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No Longer Watching Through a Window

Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:15 pm

I started my search some weeks back, was having issue after issue on an old MS Win 10 system. Thought well maybe it is just this old laptop so I bought a desktop pc to have the same issues with it. My wifes co-worker suggested it was the OS and not either of the systems, to which he suggested trying Linux.

I tried Mint 19.1 first since that was what he was using, but it just was not really impressing me.
It had a few issues beside not wanting to update AMD graphics driver. Plus I game on a small scale old games over 10 yrs old, which would not work.
So I began the Distro hop in search of something to satisfy my needs in an OS, bounced Mint, Manjaro, KDE, in various forms even trying Steam OS, Ubuntu Game Pack. I kept getting generic drivers, or Can't Load errors, sound issues it just seemed it was always something wrong.
More so then just Goldilocks with too soft, too cold, too hard, then I stumbled upon an a-ha moment in a Linux Gaming Forum post which they were talking about Linux on an all AMD machine gaming better then they had ever been able to before on same system running MS Win.
I read to find they had been using Solus - the O.P. said no not that solus or that one either it was a new Solus 3.9999 and he was having better then expected results from this version compared to everything else they had tried.
It was that moment I thought "self we have to give this a try" ................. found the Solus he mentioned, I grabbed the first one I seen on the list which happened to be the Budgie version. I must say it has been very impressive which is an understatement - not only did it recognize my whole AMD system on install. It required no manual alteration from user side to find nor install any extra info or updates.
After all the updates and reboots was over - I found Solus not to just work better then even the Factory installed OS of MS Win but it was measurably noticeable user friendly faster from the keyboard and web browser side as well.
The latency from key stroke or mouse movement to monitor screen was gone also.
I mentioned it found on install the AMD graphics I was using, but it recognized the 43 inch LED UHD TV that was plugged in as well, best picture quality ever.
So after messing around with it for around a week, I felt I had noticed something else that was a huge improvement as well. But thought maybe it was just me looking for another reason to brag about Solus and the sound quality on the Altec surround sound. So I had the wife come in to test my theory, is it just me or is there something different with the sound. She hit the play button , mouth fell open at the sound. She asked so what all have you changed, I said nothing changed on our side for settings. So it was not just me thinking it was different because the expression on the wife's face when she heard it told the whole story.

I don't know why / or how Linux Solus does what it does to get the results I have found, all I can say is WOW and even that is an understatement.

Great Picture Quality / Great Sound Quality /
Even recognized the Steelseries "merc" keyboard , mouse , and headset that was plugged in. No other OS or Distro did only Solus, not even MS Win 10.

In closing I am happy I found away to get rid of the Window and see the whole picture, plus side is this is Free Open Source ..... !

P.S. Yes , Yes I did load Solus 3.9999 on my laptop as well.

Desktop PC - Lenovo SFF M79 all AMD running Solus Budgie
Laptop - Acer Aspire V3 running Solus Budgie

soon to be wife running Solus Budgie on both of her laptops.

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Re: No Longer Watching Through a Window

Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:17 am

Great story! I've tried Mint a few times in the past and I've always been underwhelmed. I really don't see the draw to the distro. Everyone is different though.

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