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Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:59 pm

One year of Solus.

I've tried several Linux distros in the past; Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Manjaro, Elementary OS, Lubuntu, Korora, Antergos, Sabayon, Debian, Subgraph OS, Enso OS, Liri OS, Pure OS, SemiCode OS, etc
I've seen new distros pop out of nowhere and suddenly vanish from the web like they never existed.

Solus is the first distro that worked without any major hiccups on my netbook. I like the minimalistic approach with small footprint that still manages to pack all the goodies.
It is the only distro that I've stuck to for over a month and one that ensured my total conversion to free and open source software.
It's got a few bugs but nothing big enough to push me away.
And I've managed to find workarounds for annoying stuff.

Budgie is hands down the best Linux DE I've used. It's designed elegantly. Looks modern. The only DE that can out-style it right now is Deepin; which I haven't tried because Solus works perfectly for me. If it ain't broke, why waste 3 days configuring another OS which may/may not meet all my needs?

I've been keeping tabs on the forum and dev site for several months and today, I decided to join and familiarize with the Solus community. :lol:
If I need to get in touch with Ikey or Justin, I think this would be a good place since I don't use Reddit, Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you Ikey, Justin and the rest of the Solus team and community for your hard work.

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Re: Haribol!

Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:59 pm

Well the "Haribol" attracted me since that tells me a lot. Haribol back at ya.

Your post was quite helpful. The fact your are using Solus exclusively for the last year with no problems and like Budgie is encouraging. I hope my ongoing experience will be as good as yours!

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Re: Haribol!

Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:30 pm

One of the main things Solus does so well is optimized RAM usage.
While Deepin looks very attractive and flashy, it consumes 1.6 GB RAM out of 2GB on idle with no SWAP enabled.
That leaves very little for user programs.

Solus on the other hand, uses ~600 MB on idle with no running user programs.
That's a big deal for me partly because I'm on a netbook with non-upgradeable RAM.

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