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Hi everyone...

Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:43 am

I am an OS enthusiast.

I started my computing/programming life on VAX/VMS about 100 years ago, then Windows and Mac OS 6 through 9. From there I jumped to OS/2, then NT, then Linux and FreeBSD as well as OS X Beta and beyond. Then when Windows 7 arrived I went back to Windows again. LOL!

Recently I had a hankering to go back to linux. I first installed ElementaryOS and while I found it beautiful, it felt a little "off" to me and I wanted something a little more personal and special so I hunted around and found Solus. So far I am enjoying it! There are some gotchas with the rolling releases but I've been able to get everything I need/want to work for the most part. I do miss my HUGE steam game library but... I only ever played a handful of games anyway, and as it happens they work on Linux (natively or with Wine).

I coded for 27 years, then for the past 3 years my job shifted into something else... I feel like I've lost all my skills and cannot speak "the language" with other developers but... when I get down to it I can still write. :) Right now I am working on some python-based projects at work so that has given me a little more spark as of late. I have a friend trying to recruit me back into programming full-time but... it will take some research and playing around again to get up to speed again...

Meanwhile I do some test-coding on Solus, play Diablo 3, Star Stable Online, Borderlands, Bioshock, create graphics for work and powerpoint-like documents for church, etc. All easily and well handled by Solus.

That's about it!

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