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Hi from Sweden

Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:30 pm


Having had some exposure to Ubuntu in the past I've run Windows 10 for the last two years. It's been pretty good but left a so-so taste what with having to clear 85% if the default start menu items, the recurring defender scans and the "Windows is a service. We are going to restart your machine." and such messages. (And where is Skype headed..I found "New Skype" available to Solus appealing and the visual cue for incoming messages when "notifications" are on very well designed. Unfortunately it is coupled with the audio cue (https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/sky ... 2fc6fb6e2f ) ..

Solus has been very stable and looks polished and thought-through and I do game some and use DXO Optics Pro and C1 for raw editing..which are no longer available but I'll give Darktable a concentrated effort*. AoW3 works ..well, better than in the last Ubuntu release I tried and about on the same level as my old iMac, which is just on the right side of OK.
Tyranny appears to work really good. (Nvidia graphics card (ran into the blank screen with a blinking prompt but it was promptly dealt with thanks to similar experiences related in this forum already))

The ODAC was no problem, neither were the front audio ports of my machine. It suspends and hibernates without issues.

*As it stands now this will be the deciding factor for what OS my PC runs.

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Re: Hi from Sweden

Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:00 am

Valkommen fran Nederlanderna.

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Re: Hi from Sweden

Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:33 pm


I must say, having briefly tried recent Ubuntu editions, that Solus is the most polished Linux distro by quite some margin. Most everything "just works". Backups with grsync, finding duplicate photos with fslint, learning masks with Darktable via great youtube tutorials, system monitor widget showing cpu and gpu load and temps and amount of vram free (nvidia-smi), and now a boot partition that can house more than three and a half duck feet..

I have windows 10 in a virtual machine now, paid for, mostly just for MS ICE (there's nothing OS that can touch it for auto-stitching bokeh panoramas yet?) since it feels trapped or something and won't let me install things that aren't from the MS App store in spite of the setting allowing other sources being set. Apparently a problem that may have to do with secure boot..never mind, I have an iMac for the DJI Assistant.

Glad I found this distro and am trying to mention it here and there : )

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