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Hi, from Finland and thank you!

Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:59 pm


First of all thank you for this wonderful linux distro & budgie DE to Ikey & Team behind it!

I used to have dual boot arch/antergos + cinnamon recently in my work laptop. I just felt that it was too bleeding edge as I had sometimes week I it unused and the amount of updates that come in week to arch is huge. I still liked the rolling release and I do like simplistic look, and been DE hopping and disto hopping to finding a better combo. I always went back to cinnamon after experiments. Finally got the package manager or package update broken in arch and didn't have inspiration to fix it. I had also tried Deepin too.

First when I installed Solus I was already sold with the simplistic modern look of it, very good out-of-the-box experience. Even better than ubuntu budgie. Also apparmor, ufw from debian is super vs selinux etc atleast for me. So I was looking towards Solus vs Ubuntu Budgie. I was first little bit wondering of my skillz debian based vs some other, but thought why not test. If I can get this just installed bios mode / dual boot win7 encrypted + Solus on lvm + luks & using windows bootloader, then I'm going for this!

And eventually I got with trial and error in virtualbox test environment before laptop. So easiest way for me was installing it on external drive and migrating root & boot from external to internal partitions and fixing fstab & grub and reinstalling grub etc..

Now I already am also using Solus in 1 vm + when I have time going to install it on desktop PC! This thing rocks! 8-)

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