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Problems with dual sources in package.yml and nodejs

Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:11 pm

Hi everybody!

I am new to this forum, to Solus, and to packaging as well! I was trying to package Zotero, as requested in https://dev.solus-project.com/T685, but I encountered some problems.

First of all: there is the need to download two tar.gz files, can I just add two different sources? The problem here is that zotero devs named the two tars with the same name, so for now I downloaded manually the files but in the future they need to be fetched from github, but solbuild has problems because of the same name thing... how could I solve this?

second: the build process requires also to do a

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npm i
in one of the folder... I just noticed that inside the solbuild fakeroot environment there is not access to the net, but the build process requires also to download files (apart from npm)... I can not find the right way in the wiki to prepare package.yml to fix this...

Thanks for now!


PS. I suspect something nasty is going on here: everytime I issue
gnome crashes and restarts... sometimes the whole gdm crashes... :shock:

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