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Installation on Macbook Pro (5,2), "Phantom Displays" Issue

Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:46 am

I am incredibly excited about Solus and currently on Manjaro XFCE 17.0.1 on my "rescued" Macbook Pro (5,2). The main issue is one well-documented on the internet, particularly with the Arch community. My mac has dual GPU built-in: one is the G96M [GeForce 9600M GT] and the other is the C79 [GeForce 9400M]. When I ran the Solus livecd, without my external monitor--an ancient 15" Dell LCD--I was greeted with a blank screen. As usual with this laptop, I figured it was an X issue; so, I hooked up the external monitor and launched a new session. Now, I could at least get to the display settings screen where I discovered the phantom display issue was definitely at play.

Before I completely wipe my system--to which I'm not completely averse--I'd like to know others' experiences with installing Solus on Macbooks, so (maybe) I can see the pitfalls before I fall into them!

Thanks for any insight and help you fine folks can provide...

Oh, and, if I can "turn off" one of the cards, which would be the better choice; i.e., how can I tell which might be "integrated" or discreet?


I took the plunge and installed Solus on this MacBook Pro, only to be stuck with a completely unusable system--the dreaded black screen/white cursor of death--even chrooting didn't help things. By reinstalling Manjaro, I was able to narrow down the issue to (likely) kernel-related; i.e., the 4.9 kernel works flawlessly, but the 4.14 won't even boot. Now, that makes no sense to me, as the liveusb of both Manjaro and Solus--as well as every other distro--uses 4.14 and works fine.

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