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anti-usb bias in new Solus .iso's?

Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:03 am

Or am I crazy?

Have installed Solus freshly 3 times since a year ago. From live usb to target usb. No problem.

Between the last update and my own stupidity, I had to install again. This time successfully to an old usb with bent tines and is ready for the boneyard. (I did not discover the stabler USB's til I went out to the shed).

Trying to get live ISO (both sourced and flashed fresh, on DVD and USB) on a newer stable USB with no success. I have 3 good USB's (non-bent tines) that SOlus does not recognize in installation process.


Tried formatting these babies in fat32, and even ext and lvm to give solus a head start. And every variable has been done to these USBS to get the Solus OS-ready. Solus live only sees the windows HD as the destination for installation in the installation pull-down tab.

This has never happened before.

Why can I not install Solus live to a usb anymore with the USB being the OS? This worked flawlessly the last 3 times and I've done nothing different.

(sorry for dramatic title---don't know what other conclusion to draw at this point. Just read a 2016 post with a person in the same predicament and was told by devs that usbs are not the preferred destination for OS and is hit and maybe I just lucked out the last 3 times?)

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