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"Intel P-state and CPUFreq Manager" applet

Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:39 pm

Hi devs, thank you for your hard work to delivering a great Linux-based OS.
Right now I'm using KDE, but I found an interesting widget from the KDE community, "Intel P-state and CPUFreq Manager". ... er_widget/
This widget allows users to change the frequency, fan speed, and power management. It able to read libsmbios which is the requirement for change the thermal management.
The widget is working perfectly on my laptop, Dell Latitude 7490, it just like Dell Power Manager on Windows 10. I think it will be working for other Dell laptops but I'm not sure for other brands.

How about forking that widget, make it as GTK applet for Budgie DE?
There is an extension on GNOME that almost similar to that widget, but I don't know if that widget is able to read libsmbios or not. ... r-manager/

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