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Asus UX31A isn't smooth

Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:04 am

Hi there,

I recently installed Solus OS Budgie on my Asus Zenbook UX31A. Everything's running fine, however, the graphics experience is somehow stuttering. I use the same Solus OS on my desktop computer and everything is looking fine at 60fps, animations, moving the mouse and so on. On my Zenbook, it's like the graphics driver isn't working quite right, the performance is bad. If I move the cursor, it feels like 15fps and the animations are not smooth (I don't talk about games but the Desktop), and things take quite long. This laptop has a super fast SSD, but opening applications takes too long and seems stuttering sometimes...

This computer has the Intel HD 4000 graphics stack, which I read is not the best when it comes to Linux support. Is there something I can do, like installing a specific driver or Mesa? I can't seem to find someone else on Google running into the same problem.

On the same laptop I installed Windows and it is running super fast and smooth.

Maybe someone has an idea what this could be? As of right now, it is very difficult to navigate with the touchpad for example.


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