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System slow down with thousands of notifications on Budgie Panel

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:24 pm

While its an extreme case and was caused by qbittorrent spamming notifications to the panel it made my computer fairly unusable. 4770k, 8gb ram 500gb 850 evo ssd.

I was downloading via qbittorrent and left for the weekend, my hard drive ran out of space so qbit started posting notifications to my budgie panel complaining about IO error of the lack of space but it wouldn't stop and i accumulated over 35,000 notifications. which stressed out my cpu, budgie-panel ram usage was up to 1.7GB and made the whole system lag. had to manually reboot. is there no limit to the notifications you're able to receive? if its recieving the same notification to the panel couldnt it just update that notification rather than making another

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