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Canon Pixma MP250 not working

Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:26 pm

Got Solus Mate up and running for a relative of mine. Works nicely (except for the mate menu getting kinda buggy on the 1280x1024 monitor) but when I go to set up the canon printer it gives me nothing but issues. The computer was previously running Peppermint OS and had no issue with the printer. The reason for switching was the convenience of rolling over static installs.

Anyways Peppermint is based on Ubuntu LTS last I checked so maybe there is a Debian driver that's working for Canon stuff and not for Solus?

I've got the computer to see the printer, it goes to start printing, and then I get a P08 error. I've followed the steps at Canon for resetting ... =ART133186
But I still get the same issue. The printer is wired and set to cnusb:/dev/usb/lp0

Had similar issue with hp printer the other day but it wouldn't even display the hp. Haven't checked since the latest update though so will keep you posted on that. It's a HP deskjet 2540.

Any help appreciated thx

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