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Hardware vs. Budgie ? Desktop crash

Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:17 pm

Note sure which section of the forum this should go in, so I'll start here. Is this known/documented anywhere?

I use a KVM to share one monitor between multiple systems. I start up Solus, log in, and start using something. Then I switch at the KVM to another machine, do something there, and after some period of time, switch back to the Solus system. When I get there, I'm at the login screen, and when I log in the bare Budgie desktop comes up. Anything I had running is stopped. Chrome, on startup, will tell me it crashed, and would I like to restore my previous session. Etc.

I've toyed with the display settings, power (screen blank) settings, and to this point I've not seen any patterns for how long I'm switched away, how much I have running on Solus, and so on.

Is there a Budgie session log that might have some dump/crash information we could look at?

Repo is:

SolusUS [active]

And there are no current packages wanting upgrades (according to eopkg).

Solus Beta 2
AMD Athlon II X2 B24
GeForce GT 610 PCIe, with nVidia drivers from repo
8gb RAM, 50gb SSD

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