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Woes with sleep and laptop lid

Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:17 am

For the life of me I cannot get Solus&Budgie to play nicely while "docked".

System information:
Lenovo Thinkpad T460s
Intel i7-6600
GPU: Intel HD Grpahics 520

Desired behaviour: When my laptop is docked (i.e.connected to power and has an external monitor connected), if I shut the laptop lid then the laptop stays running, and the external display remains my active display.

Actual behaviour: Shutting the lid puts the laptop to sleep. If I wake the laptop then the built in laptop display is the one that then becomes active (not the external display). Since the laptop is shut, this does not help at all. Opening the display and then shutting the lid again just puts the laptop back to sleep. This occurs whether I am connecting the external monitor via HDMI or DisplayPort.

It looks like the only way I can achieve this state is to literally cold boot in this configuration. But if I undock and walk away to use the laptop and then dock again, i'm back in the "broken" scenario.

I already have the following set in the logind.conf:

Any ideas on why this would not be working as expected?

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