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Touchpad, Backlight and Fans

Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:03 pm

A few days ago I installed Solus, because of the good reviews I have read around several fora. I stumbled across some problems which I cannot get fixed:

1. My laptop (Asus gl552vw) gets pretty hot. Sensors output gives around 50 degrees celcius and fan is always running around 1300 rpm. On the previous distributions I used, I never noticed my laptop was hot, but 50 degrees seems reasonable. Is it normal that I can feel that heat when I am for example typing this message? This temperature is just during browsing.
2. xbacklight or light do not seem to work. Modifying my brightness in budgie is no problem, but I would like to use i3. Both commands given an empty output; no error message, just nothing. Changing it trough xrandr works though. In sys/class/backlight only the intel_backlight is present.
3. On boot sometimes my touchpad does not work. I have to reboot a few times till it suddenly starts working again. I cannot find a cause for this and there is no indication for when this will or will not happen.

An import note: my laptop has an Optimus NVidia card and I installed the drivers trough DoFlicky.

If someone could help me with one of those problems I would be grateful. I really want to give Solus a chance and I like it so far, but those are some drawbacks for me.

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