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HP Laptop monitor not working well, but HDMI monitor works perfectly

Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:33 am

Hey I recently made the jump and installed Solus on my laptop (coming from Manjaro), and I have to say I am surprised of how everything works correctly, did not have any problems with installation and every program I installed worked perfectly, even the HDMI port was just plug and play (and that was the one thing I couldn't get to work on Manjaro no matter how much I tried). Everything works wonderfully...

...but for some reason my laptop monitor is not working properly. Windows get fractured when I move them and it feels like everything goes at 20fps. I tried some games and I was surprised that I could get 90fps in Rocket League, but the screen looked like a stuttering potato pc. I tried mirroring with a HDMI monitor and can confirm this only happens on the laptop screen, everything looks fluid and correctly on the HDMI display.

I also made sure I installed the nvidia drivers. Everything worked fine in the USB trial, before installing.

-GTX 950M

I don't really know where to start looking for a fix. Can anyone help me?

UPDATE: I changed to kernel 4.9 and the screen works better, but for some reason now vsync doesn't work in any game (worked in current kernel), and I get some screen tearing everywhere.

UPDATE 2 just in case someone googles this: I fixed the vsync thing, it had to do with the optimus technology. Apparently you need to add "nvidia-drm.modeset=1" as a kernel parameter so the laptop screen can have vsync and no screen tearing. Source: ... -settings/

I'm staying in kernel 4.9 for now.

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