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How i installed plasma DE on Solus Budgie!

Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:25 pm

Hi all from Russia! I'll write how I installed the plasma DE.
Not finding the answers I decided to figure it out myself.
So: First I installed Solus Budgie and updated it.
Then I installed all the plasma packages ​​through the terminal:
sudo eopkg install systemsettings plasma-browser-integration-dbginfo sddm-kcm khotkeys-devel plasma-desktop-branding sddm-kcm-dbginfo plasma-framework-dbginfo krunner-devel plasma-workspace-dbginfo plasma-redshift-control latte-dock-dbginfo print-manager-dbginfo khotkeys-dbginfo plasma-pa-dbginfo latte-dock oxygen-devel plasma-desktop-dbginfo plasma-nm plasma-framework-devel kwin breeze plasma-framework kmenuedit-dbginfo adapta-kde breeze-dbginfo kscreen-dbginfo powerdevil-dbginfo plasma-desktop plasma-workspace-devel plasma-desktop-devel krunner-dbginfo print-manager oxygen-sound-theme oxygen plasma-browser-integration powerdevil-devel bluedevil frameworkintegration-dbginfo kwin-devel plasma-desktop-branding-livecd plasma-sdk-dbginfo oxygen-dbginfo krunner plasma-nm-dbginfo plasma-pa frameworkintegration plasma-sdk khotkeys breeze-devel powerdevil kmenuedit kdeplasma-addons-dbginfo kwin-dbginfo kscreen plasma-integration frameworkintegration-devel kdeplasma-addons plasma-integration-dbginfo plasma-workspace
After that, I installed all KDE packages from the software center.
Coming out of Budgie I chose plasma DE.
There was a bad icon display. When I entered the settings, I selected the Papirus icons.
And after rebooting I got an excellent operating system Solus KDE Plasma!
All working FINE!
Sorry for my bad English.

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Re: How i installed plasma DE on Solus Budgie!

Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:02 pm

Nicely done...thnx for sharing !
I might have a go at this !

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