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command passwd and command mcrypt - password size of 1 GB

Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:32 pm

As long I have investigated about passwd and about mcrypt - is that command passwd is involving command mcrypt for encryption of passwd.

But it seems that mcrypt is not installed in solus ?!

When I make query with

whereis mcrypt

then result is empty ?!

The idea is to pump up password size to 1 GB and I have modified the source files of mcrypt already for usage of password with size of 1 GB.
I want to read in 1 GB as password from usb-stick or from media dvd. For this I have prepared a little shell-script.

All is finish.

It needs only to be tested.

For this it is necessary to find the files of mcrypt, because mcrypt is used by passwd.

Greetings to Ikey and his solus team.


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