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There is a new one

Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:10 am

Hello out there,

i would like to introduce myself to you guys :D
Now i am "using" Solus for about a Year, recently i wanted a change but i couldn't get off Solus...
There arent any reason to change the distribution again. (Couldnt find any)
So I choose to Stay and registered today.

About Myself:
I am about 27 years old living in lower saxony around Bremen.
I'm a recently graduated as "Fachinformatiker Fachrichtung Systemintegration" something like an IT-Specialist.
But i don't feel like an Admin now, just running around and helping our clients and colleagues with their little Problems. :D

My Hobbies are watching Anime, take a walk with my wife and "testing" some Linux Distros (Just looking around).

SO that's It
Best wishes and have a nice day.


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