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A modern operating system to power your daily needs. Install today, update forever.

Built for people like you, by people like you

Solus is empowered by the shared vision of a strong community working for a common goal. All developments and improvements to Solus are by people who want to use their computers just like you do. Solus stands strong on an open platform, powered by industry-proven technologies, including GNU/Linux*.

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For home or office

Shipping with the latest version of the free LibreOffice* suite, so that you can work on your documents, spreadsheets and presentations right away. In our Software Center you'll also find options for accounting, Personal Information Management and more.


For developers

With Solus, you can spend less time setting up tooling and more time coding. We support a wide variety of editors, programming languages, compilers, and version control systems, as well as containerization / virtualization technology such as Docker* and Vagrant*. Whether you're writing drivers in C or writing backend web services in Go, we have software that will fit your needs.


Powerful editors and IDEs readily available, such as: Atom, Idea, GNOME Builder, Qt Creator, Visual Studio Code*.


Support for many languages, including: Go, Rust, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, and many more.


Support for Bazaar, Git, Mercurial, SVN. Graphical tools like GitKraken* and git-cola.

For content creators

Whether animating in Synfig Studio, producing music with Musescore or Mixxx, graphic design with GIMP or Inkscape, or editing video with Avidemux, Kdenlive, or Shotcut, Solus provides software to help express your creativity.


For gamers

Many fantastic open source games are available natively for Solus, along with support for many gamepads and controllers. Within minutes you can be playing all your own Steam* titles for Linux, with a modern, optimised gaming runtime and no setup hassles.


Gamepad and controller software such as antimicro and sc-controller.


Support for gaming platforms like, Lutris, and Steam*.


Many free and open source titles including: Freeciv, OpenTTD, Red Eclipse, and Warzone 2100.