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Solus is built by a diverse team from around the world.

We purposefully build Solus with a shared vision and common goals in mind,
volunteering our time to build an open system and software that you'd be proud to use.

Beatrice Meyers

Technical Lead, Core Team

Beatrice has been a Linux user for over 15 years, remembering the days of booting from floppy disks and ordering Live CDs from foreign countries. While she spends her working hours doing research for her PhD Dissertation, she spends many evenings and weekends building tools and packages for Solus.

IRCDataDrake on irc.libera.chat
UTC-4Rochester, New York

Friedrich von Gellhorn

Global Maintainer

Had a short intermezzo with Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) in his young age but figured out he was not ready for it. The years passed and he got interested again in using a Linux install (because of Windows 10). He tried some different Linux distros but was not happy with them until he tried Solus 3, he fell in love with the OS and the community and got involved with packaging.

IRCGirtablulu on irc.libera.chat
UTC+1Sins, Switzerland

Joey Riches

Global Maintainer

Joey's first real experience with Linux was when CyanogenMod dropped support for his crappy Sony smartphone and thus he decided to revitalize support for it, teaming up with other amateur developers to once again provide unofficial up-to-date builds for similar devices. Solus initially attracted him as it provided unmatched performance for his low-powered chromebook, with some of the applications not being in the Solus repo he decided to learn the packaging progress and gradually increased his contributions until he was asked to become a Global Maintainer. In real life, Joey has finished university and is deciding what he wants to do with his life; enjoying cycling all around South Wales (when it’s not raining) for it’s natural beauty.

IRCjoebonrichie on irc.libera.chat
UTCWales, U.K.


Global Maintainer

When Pierre-Yves got his new computer, he decided to give the freshly released Solus MATE 2017.01.01.0 a try for a few days, but it magically operated and he never stopped using it. He quickly got involved in Solus, although he had no other experience other than being a casual Linux user, thanks to the accessibility, help, and kindness of the Core Team. He really enjoys helping Solus and its community.

IRCkyrios123 on irc.libera.chat
UTC+1Brussels, Belgium