Open Source

Solus is built upon and extends the incredible work from a broad open source community, actively engaging in and developing various projects under free software / open source software licenses.

Our projects

  1. DoFlicky

    Simplistic driver detection and management utility specifically for Solus.

  2. Linux Driver Management

    Provides functionality required for integration of drivers into modern Linux distributions.

  3. Linux Steam Integration

    Helper for enabling better Steam integration on Linux.

  4. Solus Software Center

    Software Center of Solus.

  5. ferryd

    The binary repository manager for Solus.

  6. solbit

    Solbit is the unified component styling and JavaScript for Budgie and Solus brand assets.

  7. solbuild

    The Solus package build system

  8. ypkg

    Modern, declarative, structured build format

Projects we're built upon

  1. Budgie Desktop

    Budgie Desktop is a feature-rich, modern desktop designed to keep out the way of the user. Budgie Desktop, once developed in-house by Solus, is nowadays independently developed through the Buddies of Budgie organization.

  2. Freedesktop

    Solus leverages many open source projects including systemd, as well as compliance with XDG specifications.

  3. GNOME Project

    We utilize software from the GNOME Project for a wide set of functionality across Solus. Graphical tools such as DoFlicky, Linux Steam Integration, and our Software Center are built upon GTK. In addition, we offer a GNOME variant of Solus shipping the upstream GNOME Shell desktop environment.

  4. GNU Project

    Many components of the GNU Project are used within Solus, including the GNU Toolchain (GCC, binutils, glibc and co), the Bourne Again Shell (BASH).

  5. Git

    Every Solus project and software package is managed and developed using the powerful, versatile Git version control system.

  6. Linux

    The Linux kernel is the absolute heart of the operating system, providing an environment for all user-land programs to operate, hardware support, networking, etc.

  7. XFCE Desktop Environment

    The XFCE Desktop Environment aims to be fast even on systems with lower powered hardware, while staying modern and friendly.

  8. XOrg project

    The X.Org display server forms the backbone of all desktop experiences on Solus, enabling input device support and the ability to render on screen.